We can supply standard Dasher Boards for Ice Hockey Rinks, bandy board elements for bandy rinks and for Park Ice -seasonal skating areas there are plenty of different board alternatives. Ice Resurfacing machines, edgers and sharpening machines and needed in maintenance of Ice. Low emission cover helps reducing energy comsumption and it can be installed on hockey hall ceiling or walls. There are also plenty of other products we can supply for sport and recreational ice facilities.

Please note that we do not sell Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines outside Finland, if you are interested in ice resurfacing machines visit the manufacturers website: www.zamboni.com to locate your nearest dealer.

Ice Resurfacers

Ice Resurfacers

  • Zamboni®-Ice Resurfacers
  • Used Ice Resurfacers
  • Service


  • Zamboni® -Edger
  • Adc Eliz -Edger
  • Zamboni® EZ III -Edger

Park Ice

  • Mobile Park Ice -boards (pdf)
Other Products

Other Products

  • Aluflex-Cover
  • Sharpening Machine
  • Blade Changing Assistant