Cooling Compressors

Compressors (pdf)

We have operated as the Finnish representative for Mycom® –industrial compressors since 1999. We have both piston type and screw compressors for several different refrigeration applications. Mycom –compressor representation has been a foundation when designing and manufacturing our own Crystal Ice –refrigeration Units.

Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration Units (pdf)

Crystal Ice refrigeration unit is a factory-made package, which can even be installed over one day and be taken into immediate use. It is a so called indirect cooling system and is suitable for freezing both indoor and outdoor areas. It fulfills all requirements and standards set by authorities. For small seasonal installations we have Park Ice –refrigeration units available.


Refrigerants (pdf)

Until today we have realized several Refrigeration units by using Arium Alkaline – ammonia solution as a heat transfer fluid. Arium Alkaline is more environment friendly solution than many traditionally used heat transfer fluids.