Aluflex Coating

Aluflex is low-emission cover which is specifically intended for ice hockey halls.

Energy consumption is different from one arena to another. Ceiling radiation is one of the most significant single components of the heat loads in ice hockey halls, and it directly impacts energy costs. For example, Aluflex's low emissivity ceiling can reduce refrigeration energy consumption in ice hockey halls by up to 30 %.

Emissivity measures a material's ability to radiate heat, with zero emissivity being ideal. Aluflex's low-emissivity ceiling material comprises aluminum foil and a reinforced polyester background. It has a very low Emissivity (EM) value, which prevents heat radiation efficiently.

The temperature difference between the warm ceiling and ice in a rink is significant. As radiant energy always flows from objects at higher temperatures to things at a lower temperature, a low emissive ceiling below the roof will minimize the flow of radiant energy to the ice.

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The low emissive ceiling is also highly reflective, improving the lighting conditions. As a result, light levels will increase, and even the number of light fixtures may decrease. Additional benefits include a reduction of condensation problems and better acoustics. 

Ice arenas around the world use Low emissivity ceilings. Installing a low emissivity ceiling will pay for itself in a few years and generate future savings by reducing operating costs.

Many ice arenas have been using low-emissivity sheets as reflective insulation. Low emissivity sheets must be installed correctly with adequate air space between the ceiling and Aluflex sheets to provide thermal benefit. Aluflex sheets delivery includes sheets in pre-cut lengths with installation cables, clips, and instructions. Installation takes a few days with a proper boom lift and an installation crew. Aluflew's low emissivity ceiling can also be supplied as a turnkey solution.

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Did you get interested in our services? Send us a message, we will contact you soon.